Lost & Found is an exciting new platform that will allow him to release not only his own critically lauded, sensual, hypnotic take on house music, deeply textured techno and wondrous ambient material, but also give him the freedom to sign and nurture new talent and unleash hidden gems from established artists.

Since Guy J’s work is always touched with a magic and emotion that few rival, this new project is a very exciting prospect indeed. Lost & Found will operate as a sub-label of Bedrock, John Digweed’s influential and long-established mothership, which will mean that there will be a wealth of experience and knowledge behind the scenes.

The first release has the same name — Lost and Found EP, and it will be released on 23rd July 2012. Listen to the EP on soundcloud.com/lostandfoundrec .

12 July 2012 music

It has been quite some time since Stephan Panev released new music under his own name. After his work on several side projects and his latest album as Define One, he returns with the 2012 EP: Silencer.

A collection of four brand new tracks which all embed the trademarks of Stephan Panev. Solidly founded in the field of Techno accompanied by beautiful melodies that won’t let you go so easily.

Artist: Stephan Panev
Title: Silencer EP
Catalogue No.: TAM07
Label: This Ain’t Music
Formats: MP3, WAV
Release Date: 25.04.2012


1. Komponent A
2. Komponent B
3. Melt
4. Silencer

The EP’s first two tracks Komponent A & Komponent B were originally planned as one track, but as the production enfolded, were split. The first part is more based on its beat structure creating a trip for the listener by using repetitive effects and structures all over. The second track alternates the rhythm slightly and drifts a bit further into the darkness signaled by Stephan Panev’s trademark: the haunting bells. Dub-Techno at its best.

Melt changes the mood by going in a more melancholic direction. A beautiful piano figure outstretches over the track underlined with mystique synths. The beat works as a nice contrast and gives the track its pace, well-known aspect of Stephan Panev’s work.

The title track Silencer marks the conclusion of the EP. Combining styles and elements of the three previous tracks Silencer creates a beautiful symbiosis. The track has a heavier emphasis on the rhythm structure and slowly develops the atmosphere with melodic elements, which build momentum and intensity until the end.

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20 April 2012 music

The 6th installment of Quantized recordings, features one of the best contemporary Greek producers and two great remixes. Petros Manganaris, known as Echonomist, comes from Thessaloniki and have been working as a DJ and producer for almost ten years. His tunes were released in labels such as Upon You, Time Has Changed and Katchuli to name a few. He is also a member of the Greek band Info.

rEchonomist - Simple Minds EP release cover

Simple Minds‘ is a great minimal tech-house track with tight production and beautiful rolling beats. Simple and straight, it can surely work on the right dance floors. With a catchy vocal sample in the middle of the track and distinct synth lines, it is a useful tool with the word cool written all over it.

The first remix comes from England and more specific from, man-of the-moment, Gavin Herlihy. With this remix is showing us once again why is considered one of the best house/techno producers of his generation. Dark, melancholic and melodic techno with the right house drops – a small masterpiece for the after hours. Deepness, haunted atmosphere and a tremendous build up makes this tune one of the best Quantized has ever released.

Next in line is Yiannis Siopis with a remix worthy of his fame. Straight-forward, rolling beats, great production, moody feelings and nice melodies make this a very good and useful track, perfect for the late hours.

Name: Echonomist
Title: Simple Minds EP
Label: Quantized Music
Cat. No: QMD006
Release Date: 20.12.2011


1. Echonomist – Simple Minds (Original Mix)
2. Echonomist – Simple Minds (Gavin Herlihy Alternative Remix)
3. Echonomist – Simple Minds (Siopis Remix)

View the video clip “Echonomist – Simple Minds (Original Mix)”

29 December 2011 music

Wiretappeur is a production partnership between Stelios Vassiloudis (a.k.a. Stel, who is currently putting the finishing touches to his debut artist album for Bedrock), Florian Kruse and Nils Nurnberg. Their ‘My Real Name Is’ track and remix of Dirty Mongrel were a standout tracks on the first instalment of John Digweed‘s Structures series; while their two versions of ‘Too Much Space’ on the Bedrock 12 compilation showed their highly original and deep understanding of the power of melody. Now they return to Bedrock with the superb ‘Everybody Loves Ice Cream’ EP.

The title track is pure, fresh and innovative deep house, which oozes melodic beauty and summer vibes. Wiretappeur’s productions have already earned them heartfelt praise and support from many of their peers as well as a wide variety of the industry’s top DJs, including Steve Bug, Luciano and Josh Wink, and ‘Everybody Loves Ice Cream’ is sure to follow suit. ‘Furry Walls’ is a more laid-back percussive experience, dubbed-out and spacious in structure with melodic hooks aplenty.

Artist: Wiretappeur
Title: Everybody Loves Ice Cream EP (Featuring Vincenzo Remix)
Label: Bedrock Digital
Cat. No: BEDDIGI12
Format: Digital
Release Date: 29.08.2011


1. Everybody Loves Ice Cream 07:16
2. Everybody Loves Ice Cream (Vincenzo Remix) 07:31
3. Furry Walls 08:26

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24 August 2011 music

Moscow’s DAR label powers through the summer of 2011 with a superb, bumper package featuring 10 remixes of Denis A’s “Sith”…

Denis A’s DAR and DARDIGITAL labels are on a creative roll in 2011, having already unleashed a series of stunning tracks and making their mark around the globe with each new release. Now Denis A has commissioned this superb bumper package of remixes of his mighty “Sith” (the original version, an intense percussion led throb monster with a superb breakdown, appeared on DAR016) to highlight the plethora of new talent coming through the DAR ranks. Here are 10 stunning adventures in new electronic dance music.

Artist: Denis A
Title: Sith Remixes EP
Cat. No: (DAR) DAR024
Format: 12” Vinyl / Digital
Release Date: 18.07.2011

Made in Russia
Mastered by Robert Babicz

Digital tracks:

01. Denis A – Sith (Minitronix Remix)
02. Denis A – Sith (Dapple Apple Remix)
03. Denis A – Sith (Madeira Remix)
04. Denis A – Sith (Fran Von Vie Remix)
05. Denis A – Sith (Spartaque “In Concept” Remix)
06. Denis A – Sith (Mango Remix)
07. Denis A – Sith (Tesla Remix)
08. Denis A – Sith (Igor Cold Remix)
09. Denis A – Sith (Mays & Partique Remix)
10. Denis A – Sith (Salt’n’Sugar Remix)

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18 July 2011 music

The 8th release on Mindtrick Records will be by the Greek producer and sound engineer Mobthrow (http://mobthrow.com/). Angelos Liaros a.k.a. Mobthrow just released his full length self-titled debut album on Adnoiseam and now is ready for his first 12” release.

The vinyl release brings in a somewhat deeper feeling to the sound of Mobthrow, starting out with “Pitch Black” on side A. The 2nd track is “Flashback” and is based in rewind mirror techniques (intro sample remains the same if you rewind it). Heavy beats at 140 bpm, a story between dreams and reality, as the storyteller (Mulholland drive sample) describes.

Enter Dubcore” sets the tempo a little bit higher, balancing between Dubstep and Drum & bass. Techy production approach (808,909 & TB303 used), born to spin in underground clubs at rush hour. Also on the B side you will find a remix of “Pitch Black” which is made by German sound designer and composer Hecq which cranks up the sound completely and make you slit your own wrists while listening to it!

Artist: Mobthrow
Title: Pitch Black EP
Label: Mindtrick
Cat. No: MTR008
Format: Vinyl
Release Date: 05.09.2011


A1. Pitch Black
A2. Flashback
B1. Pitch Black (Hecq remix)
B2. Enter Dubcore

Overall this record proves that dark sound can be very danceable! Soon you can buy your physical copy at http://shop.mindtrick-records.com/.

18 July 2011 music

Nikko.Z was born in 1985 in the city of Trikala, Greece. He had his first musical influence by groups like Pink Floyd and Doors and since then he started looking for more electronic elements and sounds thinking seriously of working on electronic music.

His last release on Movement Recordings alongside Chris Mozio and including a remix by Dousk have reached great support and plays from some of the world’s top-leading DJs/Artists such as Nick Warren and Hernan Cattaneo to name a couple, and nowadays Nikko strikes back with another gem of his…

Artist: Nikko Z
Title: Oranje Bus EP
Label: Movement Recordings
Format: Digital
Cat. No: MOVD028
Release Date: 24.05.2011


1. Nikko Z – Oranje Bus (Original mix)
2. Nikko Z – Oranje Bus (SQL remix)
3. Nikko Z – Oranje Bus (Kobb remix)

You can buy it at beatport.com.

24 May 2011 music

Roll up! roll up! Let the festivities commence…

Like the hobos of Beat mythology who rode the freight trains ever westwards chasing that elusive harvest, Luciano’s own band of vagabonds finally return after a busy winter to their spiritual home on Ibiza. Having brought their unique vision of carnivalesque mayhem to various corners of the world, they once more settle in at the island’s premier night-spot, Pacha. Confounding expectations last year, Luciano successfully transformed the club into the unmissable destination of the Ibiza season with the combined power of Cadenza musical muscle and the raucous concept of the Vagabundos party itself. Stepping out from something akin to a Brueghel tableau, the lights, the sounds, the wild-eyed costumed dancers cavorting to the beat, Vagabundos come together to create that heightened feeling of nervous energy, like that of a child giddy at his very first fair.

…the Cadenza stable close at hand, including Reboot, Michel Cleis, Cesar Merveille, Robert Dietz, Mirko Loko, Ernesto Ferreyra, Mendo, Rhadoo, Alex Picone, Maayan Nidam, Argy, Lee Van Dowski, Frivolous live, Andrea Oliva, Digitaline, Marc Antona, and Felipe Venegas live + many special guests behind the decks.

Watch the Vagabundos 2.0 behind the scenes:

20 May 2011 festivals, lifestyle, video

Roar Power EP is an uninhibited tribute to that constant ocean of filtered bass legacy of disco funk sounds. We must notice dance music is cyclical.

This way, the Romanian guys, OK Corral bring us a double pump to party: Stage Fright and Roar Power. Press special attention in the second one to the Rhodes chords and the flying vocoder. Jam-packed and culminated with attitude and punch.

Music speaking louder than words!

Artist: OK Corral
Title: Roar Power EP (David Amo & Julio Navas remix)
Label: Santa Canela
Format: Digital
Cat. No: SC002
Release Date: 24.05.2011


1. Stage Fright (original version)
2. Roar Power (original version)
3. Roar Power (David Amo & Julio Navas remix)

12 May 2011 music

Just sharing over a link to dOP‘s new video for “3 Suitcases“, a single from their 2010 EP of the same name. You can watch it here: http://youtu.be/XFnnKk3xR10

10 May 2011 music, video

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